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Issue 186  NOVEMBER 2010

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Jason Watling of Southsea, Hants tells the story

Jo's monster ray

I was out fishing on Monday with Joss (Jo Ifill) when he hooked into this Monster on a quiver tip rod of all thing. It took 45 min to get in and I could hardly lift it. When we weighed it she blew the scales at 40 lbs. We estimated it to be between 45-50 lbs but at the time did not realise that the blonde ray record was 38 lbs so put it back. Anyway, I am glad it is free to fight another day.

I have attached a photo and I would like to hand it to Jo, it was hell of a job to get it to the boat without breaking the rod or the line. It was a female and about 8' thick fantastic to see such a wonderful specimen caught and she's out by the Isle of Wight for someone else to catch. It's about time we could hold a UK Record without killing the fish?


Well, the paper has a new owner, subject to all being well with our paperwork. There were two serious contenders and one agency. The new owners would like me to carry on doing reviews and features so I still have an interest, which is nice and it maintains continuity. It's also useful as I still have loads of gear to review, I'd hate to have to send it back.

The shortage of prizes has been resolved, I believe, so once I get them I or Shakespeare shall be sending them off. If you are owed a prize, please contact me with your name and address, including post code, telephone number and prize won and the issue it appeared in. This is your last chance to claim as a lot of my prize details were on my old computer which has now given up and I can't retrieve them.

I've had loads of nice comments about my retirement, no, not, "thank God you're going". The best one I think was the one on a subscription renewal slip which said, "if the paper isn't sold and closes, don't bother to send me a refund as the paper has given me many years of pleasure reading it, it's been money well spent".I almost wish I wasn't retiring. I will still have plenty to do after I retire, believe me.

Loads of quality fish again this month, I look forward to submitting one of mine, once I get a chance to catch some. I think I can feel a foreign fishing holiday coming on next year.

The amount of new tackle coming onto the market is almost unbelievable. I turned down a boat trip today to go to the Tackle & Guns trade show, just to say goodbye in person to those that have supported the paper so well over the years and I was impressed with what was on show, doesn't look like there's too much of a recession in R&D, so the future looks bright. My last issue as editor, all being well will be the December issue so the new owners start afresh with the new year.

It's been a pleasure, if not hard work producing the SAN but I must slow down to enjoy my free time.

Norman Berry


I am very pleased to announce that Sundridge are to produce and promote my tackle in the near future. This is a great move on my part and I have joined a top notch company who manufacture to the highest quality. This is vitally important to me as I like to think anglers trust my products and know this will continue into the foreseeable future. Daiwa will be distributing my goods via their excellent sales team in the UK and Ireland, so I haven't just joined one premier league team! I've joined two!! How good is that?!!!!!!

I will now have the time to design new products and I already have plenty in mind. With the backing of Sundridge and Daiwa there are very exciting and fishy times ahead for me and I know you'll like the new stuff when it's launched. I can't say what these products will be yet but watch this space, oh, and your local tackle shop.

Some of you may have noticed that, due to work commitments and an argument with tarmac, I have been conspicuous by my absence on the beaches in recent months. This will end in the next few weeks, and I'll be back fish bothering very soon...

I'll see you on the beaches again soon, watch out fishies, Ian's back, here fishy, fishy, fishy.

Ed: I’ve known Ian a long time and he deserves this break and I’m sure that both he and Daiwa Sundridge will benefit from this tie up. I look forward to reviewing his products in the near future.

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Dale Britton

Dale Britton of Pensford, Bristol with his undulate ray caught at a Purbeck rock mark on a pulley rig with 8/0 varivas big mouth hooks baited with squid and mackerel fillet. It weighed 15lb 7oz and is a new personal best.



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